Client Testimonials

Since 1993, I’ve strived to perform thorough, accurate inspections for my clients. I truly appreciate the confidence they’ve placed in my abilities as a Licensed Home Inspector. The following are comments from recent clients:

  "This was a very professional and thorough inspection. It exceeded my expectations of a home inspection. I appreciate the job well done and I will be sure to recommend Mitch Buchanan". Ryan D.

  "I enjoyed meeting and doing business with you and was glad you were willing to discuss the details. Your written inspection report was complete, concise, practical, and helpful. I thank you for your assistance". Lila M.

  "Mitch was very through and went thru everything with me after the inspection. I feel like he doesn’t cut any corners and I appreciate that. I want someone who is truly honest and he was that. I would recommend him to anyone". Carol A. 

  "A very complete and comprehensive report done by someone who, in my opinion, cares about the process and results. I was looking for someone to do my inspection like I would do it and Mr. Buchanan fits that bill. Highly recommended!" James P. 

  "Very thorough and trusted throughout the community. Great reporting and easy to understand. I highly recommend Mitch!" Frank G.

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